Alex lukas

The one time Andrew Schoultz assistant and graduate of RISD, Alex Lukas the founder of Cantab Publishing has settled in Philadelphia constructing his post apocalyptic landscapes that express a sense of serenity through their sensitively rendered aesthetics. These portentous urban landscapes work to distort the visual divide between the realms of fiction and reality.

The creations of Lukas’ examine the reality of disaster whether it is it’s actual existence in contemporary society or be it fictionalised. His invented Hyper-realistic news footage and somewhat hostile motion pictures convey duplicate facades of tragedy. Lukas’ creations realise that society’s desensitisation to the aesthetics of destruction stem from the visual bombardment that is a constant in contemporary life.

The artist has determined photographic layouts of familiar metropolises from historic publications and has deftly coupled them as both the subject as well as the canvas. Through a skilful manipulation of paint and delicately positioned screen-printed passages, Lukas presents these decaying illustrations in futuristic contexts.  His work expresses the picture of beloved American cities turned ruins, enduring cataclysmic floods and asphyxiating overgrowth, which submerge these cities both physically and conceptually.

These near future scenes of ruined metropolises express indications of mortal despair via his depiction of deteriorating infrastructure and disintegrating possessions.

Lukas’ deliberate use of vintage imagery expressed in tandem with concurrent conditions compels the observer to conciliate the two varying ideas of urban space. His work urges the questioning of society’s communal acceptance of the metropolitan context as a sphere of ruination, what appears now as inevitable but once was thought of as inconceivable.


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