Not much is known about this seemingly underground Melbourne artist whose skills transcend the limits of any formal education of design or illustration that is on offer. Patino is a born talent holding a degree in journalism yet has been prolifically operating for over six years in the graphic design industry.Patino is one of the prestigious members of the Jacky Winter Group, an independent creative agency that has been in operation since 2007 connecting the best of contemporary Australian artists with success.

His work presents a collection of romantic stories told from a sphere of post apocalyptic annihilation. The eclectic asserts that illustration is fundamentally based upon a foundation of storytelling. Patino claims that his favour of storytelling stems from the concept of “suggesting a movement and insinuating a past and a future and continuity in a tine and space that are perfectly relative…”

His works are imbued with an electricity produced through his use of vivacious colour complimented by his subjects, which resonate the infamous literary imagery from H.P Lovecraft. His illustrations, figures, use of line and two-dimensionality prompt the memory of comic book superheros idolised from ones youth.

His work encompasses a dark humour and a mastery of skill that could be confidently compared in brilliance to the work of Roy Lichtenstein and would contest for the title of a master illustrator.


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