If she had it her way the world would be painted in a vivacious palette, cars would be limited to the colours of a yellowish green and bright fairyfloss pink whilst buildings would be bound to pattern their walls in boldly stated stripes and polka dots. The Artist is Tokyo based dream animator Yoko D’Holbachie.

D’Holbachie’s work is desired and aimed  “to synchronise with the fantasy kingdom that exists in everyone.” This is accomplished, as she employs vibrant colours to stimulate the brain, which send the viewers mind reeling and their body susceptible to a rapidly beating heart. Her obscure subjects and designs are influenced by her childhood memories of animals, toys, fish, and insects. She enjoys the tentacle- like forms that are composed of dappled patterns and stripes such as the tentacles of an octopus or obscure underwater monsters all of which are inevitably found in her paintings.

Her whimsical yet superbly mastered paintings serve as a dream catchers from the fantasies that Yoko is prone to whilst fighting through the fetters of an average day. Her creatures often described as grotesque and obscure originate from a band of imaginary pets and companions that were befriended from an early age but refused to disappear despite the mounting pressures of adulthood. The artist has claimed that she has once held a job as an art teacher but had to shortly advocate as to return to her painting, because as she claims “ one day I was filled up with my monsters power, and I could no longer hold them to come out”

These creatures are as much a part of Yoko as anything else. She is one with them and they use her as a vessel to communicate their existence. She remarks that these kaleidoscopic monsters who would appear as if they have just floated out of a toddlers childish nightmare, and have been living inside of her for a long time. These strange fanciful paintings convey an air of innocence through their Disney-esk subject impressions yet have an exceedingly domineering apocalyptic aesthetic.


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