A prominent component of Japanese’s Pop contemporary art culture; Aya Takano’s Superflat paintings act to entice the viewer to journey inside the futuristic, outlandish realm of her works. . Received with much praise universally Aya Takano’s works displays an intrinsic link to Japanese culture whilst maintain certain sensuality vital to the style of the artist.

As a part of the artists’ collective ‘Kaikai Kiki Co.’ founded by the artist Takashi Murakami, Takano’s work is an example more than any other of the Kaikai Kiki artists, of Japans’ post war cultural prosperity. Her works exemplify the immensely diverse, yet entirely aesthetic synthesis of information that exists in the post war life.

Her figures are often portrayed as being often completely or moderately nude, and are almost always female. Her endearing subjects are typically drawn in a classic Takeno style with her Heroines often sporting large eyes and a waif like frame. The artist, who is most commonly known for her paintings and drawings, usually works in ink and acrylics to invent her creations, as they appear to sensually float and twist their gangly almost alien bodies across her canvas. The contortions of their forms portray a fervent drive towards origination. Her works are sensual and full of traditional imagery yet contrastingly are simultaneously futuristic and glowing.

One is able to a understand by looking at Takano’s works that the artists has an evident natural affinity for American Science Fiction as well as traditional manga. Interestingly the artist is quite prolific as a science fiction essayist in Japan as well as being known for her competent abilities as an illustrator as well as a manga artist.


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