From the spectacular mind of writer and director Spike Jonze, ‘I’m here’ is a 30 minute mesmerising short film that presents a captivating Sci- fi love story between robots. Set in Modern day LA, it is a classic charming narrative of girl robot meets boy robot in an age where robots and humans coexist.

In the film robots appear to act and live as human beings but by no means look organic by any stretch. The robots have been designed to portray the traditional idea of the robot, comparable to chunky PC’s with the robotic anatomy of a human body. This however, does not detract from the realism of the film as the viewer gains a sense that the creatures are real and slowly begin to care for the characters.  The visual components of the film are sensational with beautiful cinematography and a moving soundtrack.

The short film unfolds following a flourishing romance between the timid Sheldon, a librarian played by Andrew Garfield and the wild, free spirited robot named Annie as they learn together about sacrifice and love.

Although Jonze’s film that screened its debut at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival was funded and acts as a promotion for Absolut Vodka as it features the tagline ‘ A Love Story In An Absolut World’ it still remains integrally as a work of art.


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