Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Candice Tripp’s works emit a childlike innocence that is simultaneously imbued with a darkness that is inventively macabre.

Using ink and oil as her media of creation, she believes that one just could not exist without the other to create her funereal illustrations. She gives life to faceless sub humans extracted from the depths of the darkest of unwelcome nightmares. The characters appearing as creations born in a grim reality peopled by monsters and grisly souls, where a child may find themselves wandering during the midst of unpleasant sleep. Tripp’s work directs the subjects into a negative space, alluding towards a more complete illustration but revealing only a selected measure of narrative. Through this a sense of tension and curiosity is uncomfortably achieved. The artist explains also, that the title of her paintings is often of more significance than the actual subject of what reaches the canvas.

With her formal education spanning up to a secondary schooling, after completion the artist hastily relocated herself to the UK. Tripp’s plans to commence university in pursuit of a fashion design education at Central Saint Martins was soon interrupted by her first official solo show in Newcastle which acted as her gateway to success. Ensuing this prosperous exhibition she has showcased her work in exhibitions around London, Newcastle, Berlin, Vienna and Los Angeles.


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