After three years of Israeli army service Tomer Hanuka uses his professional illustrative proficiency to create his acclaimed works, which he describes as being “Magical Realism” due to their almost poetic, dreamlike aesthetics.

After graduating from School of Visual Arts in New York, he amongst his fellow graduates decided to produce a self published comic anthology named ‘Meathaus’. Hanuka was delegated to creating the cover. The creation had a crisp outline and flat digital colouring digressing from the artists work previous in collage, which he claims, were quite distinctly different, being painted in acrylics. From here his distinctive technique progressively developed and furthered him into a career as an illustrator as he built up an entire portfolio of creations in this new differing style. By the end of his first summer out of education Hanuka was employed by ‘The New Yorker; acquired an agent and was awarded a gold medal for a Cover of an issue of Meathaus by the Society of illustrators.

His projects range from ad agencies to film studios, and all between. With the names of ‘The New Yorker’, ‘D.C comics’, ‘Nike’ , ‘Time Magazine’, ‘Spin’, ‘The ‘New York Times’, ‘Rolling Stone’, ‘MTV’, and ‘Microsoft’ on his clientele list Hanuka has received collected an impressive accumulation of awards.  From the being showcased in Print magazine and American Illustration to winning awards from The Society of Illustrators and the society of Public designers, Hakuna is highly acclaimed from his contemporary and innovative illustrations. In 2009 Hakuna was nominated for an Oscar for his creative contribution for a short animated documentary entitled ‘Waltz with Bashir’, this same film was awarded a Golden Globe that very year.

Hakuna is currently teaching at the School of Visual Arts and is working on an experimental comic book series with his identical twin brother Asaf and writer Boaz Lavie for Alternative Comics. The comic named Bipolar has been highly regarded and has been nominated for the Eisner, Ignatz and Harvy awards.


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