Heavily dominated by his interest in Horror films and graffiti, the art of Alex Paredee, displays an emotionally imbued self-created universe given life on the canvas and brilliantly electrified with the most bizarre of other worldly creatures.

Using his art as a means of self-medication after months of hospitalisation for depression and anxiety in his early teenage years, the artist overcame his adversity through his own creative technique of therapy art. His works translate a passion for painting and drawing stemmed from his preoccupation with creepy and grotesque imagery found in pages from Tales from the Crypt comics. This distinct style is one developed from a history of watching horror films, listening to gangster rap and writing graffiti.

Using ink, watercolours, dyes, and pens for majority of his pieces, the artist is currently attempting to branch out and use more oils, latex and acrylics for his future works. His art envisages that of a ghoulish circus show populated by the vibrant undead.  The works are given life by a translation of varied shape and colours into indications of absurdity and torment. From the contrast of these juxtaposing tones, Pardee’s work become more intimate to his viewers, enabling them to instead project their own emotions and feelings onto the visions of his twisted realities.




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