Born in Tehran, Iran, music/queer-feminist fashion photographer Tara Inanloo has now found herself fearing the Iranian Law if she were to return to her home country.


When asked if she thinks she would be arrested if she ever were to return home, she responds simply and precisely. “No, I think I will be executed. I could never imagine a day when I would not be able to go back to Iran. I have just been making artworks that represent my beliefs.”

Now living in London, Inanloo is seeking asylum in UK whilst still producing her art amongst them the controversial series of self-portraits created to display the different Iranian women inside herself.



The artist Inspired by the work of Cindy Sherman arrived in Britain in 2008 to study photography at Nottingham Trent University.

Emulating the style of Sherman she created a series of self-portraits disguising herself as everything from theinnocent to the whore.

“Disguising is what Iranians grow up with. Disguising is the most important part of my life. I grew up drowning in lies and dishonesty. It is not easy to grow up pretending to be a non-existent creature. You always have to lie. But I have always tried to be an outlaw and cross the boundaries.”


Some of the photographs are nudes. In one, wearing pearls and Lipstick, she looks like the Icon Marilyn Monroe. The victim of one patriarchy wanting to look like the victim of another.

Back in Iran, a fellow feminist activist and friend who collected Inanloo’s work has been arrested, whilst the Iranian secret police arrived at her father’s home waving the photographs of the ‘Illegal Images’ series.










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